Naresh Mehta Apr 11, 2024

Never Ignore These 10 High Cholesterol Symptoms

1. Swelling & Numbness

Swelling and feeling of numbness in the limbs are indications of the abnormal stage of cholesterol. This reaction happens because the thick lipids in your arteries prevent good circulation by reducing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

2. Bad Breath

Bad Breath is also known as halitosis. It is mainly found in individuals who have elevated cholesterol issues since the liver discharges this substance, too much cholesterol creates serious difficulties with digestion resulting in dryness and unpleasant odors in the mouth.

3. Bloating and indigestion

Uncontrolled levels of bad cholesterol LDL(Low-density lipoprotein) tend to be a strong trigger for continuous episodes of indigestion and bloating. Thick lipids in the blood and liver affect metabolism and prevent good digestion, which can be harmful to the body.

4. Dizziness and Headaches

Cholesterol builds up in the arteries decreases the blood flow, circulation gets worse, and cellular oxygenation has disrupted this causes dizziness and strong headaches.

5. Eyesight problems

Excess cholesterol leads to the development of eyesight problems if not addressed early they can cause irreversible damage. It's common for patients who display bulging yellow eyes irritation and blurred vision.

6. Constipation

The build-up of lipids in the arteries also affects digestion, therefore, bowel mobility decreases and episodes of constipation occur this can be due to multiple factors but one of them may be uncontrolled cholesterol.

7. Chest Pains

Chest pain is a symptom that's very easy to spot and it's almost always a reason for immediate medical consultation. Although there are many diseases associated with chest pains the majority of cases are related to high cholesterol.

8. Chronic Fatigue and Weakness

The feeling of weakness fatigue and the desire to sleep at unusual hours are usually caused by poor nutrition excess physical activity or an illness, however, what few people know is that it can also be a strong sign of high cholesterol.

9. Skin Conditions

Hives and other skin conditions may occur when the body has difficulty regulating cholesterol levels. These conditions manifest themselves with red spots inflammation and an uncomfortable itching sensation that tends to be difficult to control.

10. Food Allergies

People who come up with new allergies might experience an elevated level of cholesterol. Although these conditions can be caused by many factors, the excessive accumulation of fat in the arteries and liver can be responsible for some.

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