About Us

About Us

Vinner Healthcare’s credo, ‘stay alive all your life with goodness of health, full of hope & happiness’, is the motivating force in inspiring marketing Ayurvedic products for life-threatening diseases, primarily of heart and obesity. 

Today, Hospitalization, medical treatment and allopathic drugs are prohibitively expensive, without the guarantee of cure. Our ancient ayurvedic scriptures if referred diligently, gives insight into rediscovering innumerable beneficial alternative medicines for cure. 

Vinner Healthcare embarked precisely upon that quest and succeeded in introducing dynamic ‘Clear Heart Remedy’. A much sought after combination of liquid & capsules. Vinners Healthcare though a fairly young entrant, nevertheless has left an impressive track record of acceptance, on vast populace for their quality products in, heart, blood, blood vessels and obesity related products. These pure vegetarian products are manufactured in GMP certified plant with due diligence to quality, right from raw material, final packaging and marketing. The products are safe and devoid of any known side effects. This is just the modest beginning. Vinners Heaithcare has several other specific specialty ayurvedic products on its drawing board at various stages of research, soon to be perfected and launched in international market and India.


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