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First Time in India No.1 Natural Supplements for Healthy Heart is here

It’s a combination therapy of two ideal 100% Ayurvedic-safe supplements, Clear Heart Liquid & Clear Heart Plus Capsules. They both work synergistically by going to heart of the matter, helping you maintain your heart and circulatory system healthy ensuring quality life filled with joy.

Clear Heart Liquid & Clear Heart Plus Capsule:

Its composition is conceptualized 100% ayurvedic, safe, blend of natural ingredients. These ayurvedic ingredients of Liquid& Capsules both - as per ancient ayurvedic scriptures are - known to have innumerable benefits on your Heart, including the Circulatory System, Kidney, and Liver. Hence, both these supplements together give adequate help in keeping your circulatory system, heart, kidney, and liver healthy.

Clear Heart Liquid:

Garlic - has many health benefits. It tackles with high blood pressure, protects your heart from different diseases, and lowers high cholesterol levels.  

Ginger – is, known as one of the best herbal medicine for treating blood cholesterol levels. It also improves your liver functions. 

Apple Cider Vinegar – it contains alpha-linoleic acid that helps keep in check cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thus, takes good care of your heart.

Lemon - contains Vitamin C, and research says that lemon can help lower the possibility of stroke and heart disease. It can keep the arteries in the heart internally smoother for blood flow. 

Honey – besides its pleasant taste it has innumerable properties those are beneficial to your entire metabolism. Hence, it is widely used in many ayurvedic preparations.

Clear Heart Capsule:

Arjuna Bark - It has healing properties. It is, reported to have property that benefits retain arteries its desired health and ward setting off premature heart diseases. It can also increase good cholesterol in the blood. 

Cinnamon - It reduces blood sugar levels in the blood. It prevents cholesterol blockages and lowers triglycerides level. 

Kutki- It is, known to improve and aid blood circulation that ultimately benefits your heart. It also fights fever and eases arthritis. Moreover, people take kutki to strengthen kidney and liver functions as well. 

Pippali - It can help you avert or fight several heart diseases, cholesterol, obesity, chronic bronchitis, diarrhea, viral hepatitis, asthma, and more.

Ashwagandha - It keeps blood sugar levels under control, and may lower high cholesterol and triglycerides level, thereby keeping your heart, problem-free and healthy. 

Methi - It is beneficial in keeping your high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol problems in proper check. That obviously helps keep heart diseases and ailments at bay.

Clear Heart Liquid & Clear Heart Capsules combined therapy could help you keep healthy, safe, and as far as possible away from:

  1. Angioplasty

  2. Cardiac Bypass

  3. Coronary Attacks

  4. Heart Blockages

  5. High Cholesterol

  6. High Blood Pressure and other related issues.

How to use Clear Heart Liquid & Clear Heart Capsules?

It’s very easy. Take a glass of warm water and add four teaspoonfuls (20 ml) Clear Heart Liquid to it. Drink it daily on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. After breakfast take one Clear Heart Capsule and take another one before dinner. For positive results, stick to this schedule strictly for minimum 30/40 days.

For longer-lasting results & benefits continue the therapy for at least 5/6 months uninterrupted.

Incidentally, those with healthier heart may opt for, 30/40 day Preventive Therapy, once a year.

Always opt for combination therapy of Clear Heart Liquid & Clear Heart Capsules and enjoy enthusiastic, joyous existence for years to come


Interesting Money-Back-Guarantee:

At any given point of time, if you are not as satisfied as we think you would be, within 100 days of the uninterrupted therapy, then, please feel free to return the balance product/s (Liquid/Capsules) to us and take your money back. No questions asked.

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Stay Alive All Your Life with Healthy Heart

Clear Heart Products are made by Natural Ayurvedic Herbs. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures have recorded evidences of innumerable benefits of natural herbs. Clear Heart Use that knowledge & Ayurvedic Research to make best & 100% Safe Medicine for Heart Problems.

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