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Why Clear-Heart Liquid is effective

Clear-Heart Liquid and capsules effective because his quality
of ingredients.  

The naturally selected ingredients and there Benefits
1. Garlic: An age proven miracle ingredient in most of the Ayurvedic
medicines, Garlic is a perfect cure, widely aimed at heart-related
problems. It is known for its therapeutic and curative benefits. Many
people have used and suggested the intake of garlic in the daily diet, as it
naturally keeps the blood pressure levels steady. Apart from these, garlic
is known to be specifically working against many blood and heart-related
troubles. Ajoene and Allicin are special enzymes in garlic that are known
to have an anti-clotting and blood thinning property. Garlic is naturally
efficient against cholesterol and helps in enhanced cardiovascular activity.

2.   Ginger: referred to as the cardio tonic agent by scientists, it possesses
the ability to increase the production of energy in the heart and enhances
the pumping mechanism of the heart. It is essential for the effective output
of the heart. It is known to strengthen the heart and prevent all kinds of
cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, and blood clots. On a long run,
with regular intake of ginger, one can experience a better heart health and
blood purification. Just like garlic, Ginger too possess antibacterial,
antifungal, antiseptic properties, and is widely used as an Analgesic. As an
anti-inflammatory, it also promotes sweating, reduces hypertension, surges
blood flow, and soothes peripheral blood vessels.

3.  Lemon: the best cure for all kinds of problems right from dermatology to
liver-related diseases, lemon is known to regulate the functioning of the
heart and maintains a regular heartbeat. The main credit of such uses is
attributed to the presence of magnesium in lemon. Arrhythmia, is a health
condition that describes the irregular beating of the heart. Magnesium is
essential to maintain the regularity of the heartbeat. Lemon is the
powerhouse of most essential minerals for the proper functioning of the
body. With a high content of potassium, as high as 146 mg in each lemon,
it is important for creating muscles. Heart is a muscle that needs utmost
care for its proper working seamlessly throughout a lifetime. Potassium is
essential for the proper functioning of all cells. Maintaining a healthy blood vessel, potassium conducts electricity throughout the body, thereby
keeping the entire nervous system efficient.

4.  Apple cider vinegar: widely used to detoxify the body, it helps in the
cleansing mechanism of the liver, blood, heart, skin, and evens the bladder
and kidneys. It also boosts the immunity and keeps the blood sugar and
cholesterol under check. It possesses various minerals, vitamins, and
enzymes essential for the proper working of the body.

5.  Honey: scientifically Honey helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases
and cholesterol levels. Honey has lower triglycerides which aid in the
increase of blood flow to the heart. It is known to energize the body and
come as a whole package of vitamins, potassium, calcium.