Shreenath SharmaJun 29, 2024

How To Improve Heart Health

Absolute Heart of the Matter is, Healthy Heart.

Heartbreak!!! Or Heart Failure? Both Ruin your Happiness. Right!!!???

Sorry, there’s no medicine for heartbreaks, but luckily the others can think of Healthy Heart.

Are Heart Failures Too Common to Worry About?

Though 80 % of cardiovascular diseases including heart diseases are preventable, they are the largest killer in the world, besides they are the most expensive ones to cure.  Secondly, the symptoms very often are misinterpreted and thus neglected or overlooked by people and at times by medical practitioners too.   

In today’s stressful environment, cardiovascular and heart disease are rather too common occurrences irrespective of age. This is, further aggravated by imbibing unhealthy food at irregular times, alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep and no physical exercise. 

As per the 2016 medical report, heart disease has unfortunately killed almost 11 lakh Indians that year. (As reported by Global Burden of Disease in 2017). 

Stay Alive All Your Life with Healthy Heart

Heart diseases need to be, taken seriously. Do not overlook simple recurring pain in the chest, panting after climbing a few stairs or walking briskly, feeling exhausted for no apparent reason. Also, nurse your Hypertension (High B.P), diabetes with proper medication & care. After a certain age, get your blood tests done regularly for cholesterol control. Your overconfidence coupled with neglect could invariably lead to cardiovascular diseases and heart problems those eventually turn fatal. It is time to act now. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. 

What are Main Heart Problems and its causes?

The cause of heart problems, besides normal ageing, could be many. If you are a habitual smoker or consume alcohol regularly, you could be prone to heart problems. Besides, today excessive consumption of junk food, fried food or fatty food, red meat products, coupled with unhealthy lifestyle and neglecting normal exercise could lead to heart diseases/problems of different types. All of them eventually lead to circulatory system disorders and heart diseases, often fatal. 

  1. Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary arteries supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscle to keep your heart functioning, i.e. for you to stay alive. However, when plaque (fat deposits) builds up inside the arterial walls, it narrows coronary arteries. That eventually decreases the blood flow to your heart causing chest pain (angina), shortness of breath, discomfort in the upper body, jaw, neck, back and left shoulder. These are clear symptoms of Coronary Artery diseases.

   2. Cholesterol Problems

It is necessary to keep inner walls of your coronary arteries devoid of fat or excessive cholesterol deposits for smooth flow of blood to your heart. However, due to several reasons, age, including food habits leads to thickening and hardening of arterial walls with LDL Cholesterol and fat. This obstructs smooth blood flow, initially leading to angina problems, subsequently to fatal heart attacks. Recurring moderate chest pains, to sudden sever chest pain, are symptoms of Cholesterol problems. 

  3. High Blood Pressure 

Very often, this medical condition does not have any obvious symptoms. Normal Blood pressure is, considered to be,anything below 120/80. Hypertension is defined as Blood Pressure of 130/180 or higher. One should watch out for symptoms like severe headache, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, vision problem etc. because they are sure indicators of impending doom associated with High Blood Pressure.

   4. Heart Failure

Heart failure occurs when the heart muscle does not pump blood, as well as it should. Certain conditions, such as narrowed arteries due to coronary artery disease, or high blood pressure, gradually leave your heart too weak or stiff, to fill the heart and pump the blood efficiently. Heart failure often leads to death. This is the worst kind of heart problem that one could ever suffer from.

Does Ayurveda Have Safe Solutions, to Address Such Grave Problems?

Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures have recorded evidences of innumerable benefits of natural herbs. Today, that knowledge is, researched and widely used, in making safe medicines under the guidance of qualified vaidyas (ayurvedic doctors/scholars).  Clear Heaart is one such medicine. But, first understand the following to grasp the rationale of Clear Heaart.

Vital Role of Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients in Keeping your Heart Healthy.  

Arjuna Bark: Arjuna Bark has healing properties. It is, reported to have property that benefits retain arteries its desired health and ward setting off premature heart diseases. It can also increase good cholesterol in the blood. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels in the blood. It prevents cholesterol blockages and lowers triglycerides level. 

Kutki: Kutki is, known to improve and aid blood circulation that ultimately benefits your heart. Italso fights fever and eases arthritis. Moreover, people take kutki to strengthen kidney and liver functions as well. 

Pippali: Pippali can help you avert or fight several heart diseases, cholesterol, obesity, chronic bronchitis, diarrhoea, viral hepatitis, asthma, and more. 

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha keeps blood sugar levels under control, and may lower high cholesterol and triglycerides level, thereby keeping your heart, problem free and healthy. 

Methi: Methi is beneficial in keeping your high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol problems in proper check. That obviously helps keep heart diseases and ailments at bay. A sure way to keep heart healthy. 

Garlic: Garlic has many health benefits. It tackles with high blood pressure, protects your heart from different diseases, and lowers high cholesterol levels. 

Ginger: Ginger is, known as one of the best herbal medicine for treating blood cholesterol levels. It also improves your liver functions. 

Apple Cider Vinegar:  it contains alpha-linolenic acid that helps keep in check cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thus, takes good care of your heart. 

Lemon: Lemon contains Vitamin C, and research says that lemon can help lower the possibility of stroke and heart disease. It can make the arteries in the heart smoother. 

Honey: Honey not only tastes good, but it is equally good for your health too. It has innumerable properties those are beneficial to your entire metabolism. Hence, it is widely used in several Ayurvedic preparations. 

Healthy Heart Solution is a Clear Heaart Combo Pack Therapy 

Clear Heaart is 100% pure Ayurvedic supplement conceptualised and manufactured to go to the Heart of the Matter.Thus, help you steer off those swelling rank of 30+ million heart patients. Clear Heaart supplement is supposed to help keep your heart healthy & fit to ensure life, free of threatening heart diseases. Thereby, enjoy enthusiastic, fun filled existence for years to come. 

India's No.1 Natural Healthy Heart Supplements.

Clear Heaart Combo Pack is a combination therapy of two Ayurvedic supplements. They both work synergistically to give you quality life, by helping you maintain your heart and circulatory system healthy

Clear Heaart Liquid is, made from natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and garlic. These Ayurvedic ingredients of Clear Heaart Liquid tonic - as per ancient Ayurvedic scriptures are - known to have innumerable benefits on your heart, including the circulatory system. Hence, Clear Heaart Liquid tonic supplement gives adequate help in keeping your heart healthy. 

Clear Heart Plus Capsules are made with potent ingredients, such as Pippali, Kutki, Methi, Ashwagandha, Arjunchal, and cinnamon. Each of these elements also known to possess qualities those are beneficial,not only, to circulatory system but also aid, purification process in kidneys and liver. That in turn helps heart stay healthier.

  • No Side Effects 

Our products are free of any known side effects. There is no use of any chemical components or additives and fillers. Clear Heaart is 100% Ayurvedic with all natural ingredients manufactured in GMP & ISO Certified & FDA Approved plant.