Shreenath SharmaJun 29, 2024

Having A Good Diet Can Lower Cholesterol

Jignesh just had a blood test as part of the annual physical examination. This person exercised moderately and loved to eat but this was all about to change when the results came in. 

The results showed that the LDL commonly known as bad cholesterol was much higher than the good cholesterol. The doctor said if some changes are not done, this individual will soon suffer from high blood pressure, a heart attack or a stroke. 

Being a father of 2 children, this person had to take the situation very seriously to be able to continue providing the needs for the family. 

Since Jihnesh was working out twice a week, the doctor advised the individual to do it more often. This means working out four times a week and engaging in other activities to help lower the cholesterol. 

There is no point in exercising more often if the intake of food does not change. The doctor told Jignesh to make some changes in the diet because nothing will happen if the food being burned is just resupplied into the body. 

The doctor referred Jignesh to a dietitian. The two had a long talk about the food that was bad and this should be cut down. These should be replaced with those that are much healthier so the level of bad cholesterol can be lowered. 

The plan on paper looked very simple. Jignesh will have to eat food that is low in fat and no longer that rich in carbohydrates. During breakfast, this person can eat the yellow portion of the egg but not the white one. 

Instead of having coffee in the morning, this should be changed with unsweetened tea. There are times that Jignesh likes to eat cereals with the kids but the milk that Jignesh should consume is not the regular one but that’s non-fat or low fat depending on the blood report.

During lunchtime, something heavier can be eaten. However, eating greens and salad is a must. For better results he should adopt Clear Heaart diet plan given below. And naturally he should support it with regular Clear Heaart Liquid + Clear Heart Plus Capsule therapy.

It will take some time to adjust to the new regimen and people like Jignesh who are new to this will feel hungry in the late afternoon. Having some carrot sticks or an apple is much better than having unhealthy fried pakodas or sweets. 

Instead of having a regular sugared tea or coffee with the snack, this has to be changed with either water or fresh fruit juice and not tinned artificially flavoured & sweetened.

Jignesh must also remember that he should have light dinner rather than stuffing himself.  He will be sleeping for the next 6 to 8 hours after the meal so there is no need to fill it up. 

Drinking a glass of red wine is safe. This is better than drinking beer, which is something Jignesh had to give up. 


Jignesh need to follow the plan even while dining out at parties or eating in restaurants. There is no day offs for someone who is at risk of heart disease or high blood pressure and this wasn’t only for himself but also for the entire family. 

The next checkup with the doctor showed significant improvement in results. The LDL was much lower than the HDL, which was good for someone at that age. The Clear Heaart diet program chosen by Jignesh coupled with Clear Heaart Combo Pack therapy with Diet turned out to be a blessings in disguise. Why don’t you too adopt the same strategy for healthier life while aging.