Shreenath SharmaJun 29, 2024

Cholesterol Reducing Vitamins,  Allopathic Drugs & Food Supplement Therapy

Abnormally high cholesterol level in blood is risky and may gradually lead to heart diseases as you age.  Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain balanced cholesterol levels with proper care, diet and adopting simple Clear Heaart Combo Pack* as a Food Supplement therapy.

‘Clear Heart Combo Pack*’ is Clear Heaart  Liquid + Clear Heaart  Plus Capsules combination therapy that is safe and does not interfere by and large with your other medications. That’s because all the constituents present in it are being used by us routinely in our daily food diet. 

Now, there are certain allopathic medications available in the market today that aim to lower cholesterol levels. They are grouped in different classes most notable of which are HMG-CoA Inhibitors or otherwise known as "statins". The drugs belonging in this group try to block the enzyme HMG-CoA, which functions as one of the steps required to convert fat into cholesterol. Statins are known to be the most effective cholesterol-lowering agent to date and have become a great help to people requiring drastic reduction of their cholesterol levels. Moreover, many have reported wide benefits by simultaneously adapting to food supplement therapy Clear Heaart*, as preventive or prophylactic measures. 

There are also, cholesterol lowering drugs called bile acid sequestrates that work by binding itself with the bile produced by the human liver. Bile is the substance that aids in the digestion system and in the absorption of fats in the intestine. Bile acid sequestrates prevent the formation of cholesterol by preventing bile acid from digesting fats. 

Then there are also vitamins those help lower cholesterol levels. Most prominent among them is Vitamin B3 or niacin. Niacin is one of the eight water-soluble B vitamins that help the body convert carbohydrates into glucose which is used in the body for energy. The B vitamins are also important in the breakdown of body fat and protein as well as in the aid in making the nervous system, skin, eyes, hair, mouth, and liver healthy. Niacin also helps the body in getting rid of toxic and harmful chemicals. 

Niacin has also been found to increase the effects of other cholesterol reducing drugs. But such an effect would only be possible if niacin is taken in large doses. But people are also warned to be careful of trying to lower their cholesterol levels by taking in large doses of Niacin. Large amounts of this B vitamin can cause flushing of the skin due to dilating blood vessels as well as other side effects such as itching, headaches, nausea and muscle cramps.

Other vitamins and substances also credited in helping the body lower its cholesterol levels is ‘Lecithin’, vitamins C and E. Lecithin works by allowing fats and cholesterol to be dispersed from the body and help prevent fatty buildup in the arteries. Vitamins C and E have also shown to help in trying to help prevent heart disease by protecting LDL cholesterol from damage. Although LDL cholesterol is also known as the "bad" cholesterol, most cardiologists believe that only damaged LDL contributes to the increasing risk of heart disease.

As mentioned earlier one should consider safe food supplement therapy now available as ‘Clear Heaart Combo Pack Therapy*’. It’s a combination of Clear Heaart Liquid + Clear Heaart Plus Capsules whose ingredients, like Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Arjun Chal, Dalchini, Kutki, Pipli, Methi, Ashwagandha etc., known from times immemorial to possess properties such as strengthening heart muscles for pumping, cleansing liver and kidneys, monitor heart beats to name a few. Most of these constituents by default are used widely in some form or other in our daily routine dietary intake. However, to manage good-and-bad Cholesterol balance to steer clear of heart diseases it is advisable to opt for Clear Heaart Combo Pack * Food Supplement therapy whereby all those vital ingredients get into your body as routinely as possible. Therefore, it would be worth your while to try safe and simple ‘Clear Heaart Therapy*’