Shreenath SharmaJun 29, 2024

Best Planned Diet Food to Lower Cholesterol

We all know that we have to eat in order to have energy to survive a normal healthy life. However, with vast choices and delicacies most of us do not have control on what and how much we eat. That’s the root cause of health problems as we age. Therefore, one must observe restrain in food indulgence. 

Those who love to eat red meat and other dishes that are fatty or oil, are proneto give ailments of heart and blood, because it’s a source of bad cholesterol. Therefore, one needs to control or observe certain amount of restrain while indulging in it. Bad cholesterol when exceeds in the blood leads often to irreversible life threatening diseases.

To achieve proper blood cholesterol management it is necessary to consume balanced diet from available food. Thus, it is not necessary to shun red meat or fats or oil but to relish it as per the guidance of dieticians depending on your age and health. All packaged tit-bits are tempting but they often contain high saturated fats. Hence, opt for the ones those are devoid or in recommended quantities for consumption.  Similarly in hotels and restaurants abstain from too oily food dishes.

Please remember that there’s no single food product that can be called the best to lower cholesterol. Well balanced diet comes from all the food groups. It’s at your discretion and guidance of dietitians/nutritionist to enjoy your food while keeping your cholesterol in check for a healthier life.Today, fortunately there are safe alternative Food Supplement theories like Clear Heaart Combo Pack*. Many have discovered its Cholesterol management efficacy to their great satisfaction.

Avoid drinking full cream milk or mixing it with cornflakes or whole grain, it is best to use nonfat milk instead. The taste is almost the same is much healthier than the regular brand bought in the supermarket.

Instead of having steak when having a cookout or picnic, this should be changed with lean meats instead. These things don’t have that much fat in the center or in the edges and taste just as good as the big slab served with mash potatoes.

Sea food is a rich source of Omega3, so include it in your lunch or dinner. It has inherent property that aids reduction of bad cholesterol in blood.

Candy bar or slice of cake, are tempting sweet dishes after meals, and may not seem that bad. However, they are rich in fat. Hence, if you love to eat them, indulge a little less and slowly switch over to fruits or nuts instead. These products are rich in fiber as well as have vitamins and minerals that are healthier to consume. 

Whenever, you decide to enjoy meal of fish or meat then add some fruits as an accompaniment in the plate. A salad works best or having a few carrots or potatoes as a main dish. There must always be a balance whenever one decides to have meat or fish. 

Fried chicken may not be that good for health.  Those who want to eat it for a change can still do so, as long as the skin has been removed. This can also be steamed which is a healthier way of cooking it before it is served in a plate. 

There are several cookbooks authored by dieticians/nutritionist with specific emphasis on recipes to steer clear of cholesterol hazards and other lifestyle diseases or ailments. Those will serve you as excellent guides while cooking tastier recipes and yet stay healthier. Moreover, today you have easy access to watch Fat Free Cooking Recipies on TV Cook Shows or on Youtube Channel. 

It is never too late to make some lifestyle changes in order to live a healthier life little longer.

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